A couple of months ago my girlfriend and I decided to get a place closer to both of our families, we were 2 hours away. So, we decided to temporarily move in with her sister so we can be close to where we want to be, and be able to go to more viewings and things like that.

Her sister has a german shepherd and we have 2 cats. We’ve been living here for almost 2 weeks and we still have to separate the animals. The poor dog just wants to play with the cats. We have a 7 month old kitten and a 2 year old cat. They are terrified of the dog.

So far, we’ve had all 3 animals in the same room together a couple of times. The kitten hissed a little bit but didn’t pouf up or anything. The older cat wants nothing to do with the dog. He poufs up like crazy, gets low to the ground, and will start striking out at the dog if he gets too close.

I’m not sure how to comfort the cat! The weird part is that this cat has lived with a dog before. Granted it was a slightly smaller dog but I feel like that shouldn’t make much of a difference right? I’m not sure what to do at this point.

It doesn’t help that the dog wants to play with the cats so bad that as soon as he sees them he gets really excited and starts whining. When he barks the cats flip out and can’t get out of the room fast enough.

On nice days we will put the dog outside and let the cats roam around the house. The kitten is doing fantastic. He has no problem coming down the stairs and exploring. He will even play with his toys which tells me he’s comfortable! But the other cat, it takes him hours to finally come down the stairs. When he finally does come down the stairs he still won’t play though.

Any advice would be great!!!


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