Moving On To Better Things

My girlfriend is finally putting her two weeks in at the bar she works at soon. I could not be happier. It takes us an hour and a half to drive to the bar each way and she never makes good money. Each night she works $50 is considered a good night in tips. I used to be a waitress, I remember walking out with $100 a night. She deserves better than this. I’ve never seen a bartender work so hard and not get any respect.

I’m at the point where it doesn’t matter to me where she goes from here. Whether she goes back to CNA work or if she goes back to warehouse work. I really just want her out of this place. The bar is in the worst neighborhood in town and the only customers she really gets are regulars to the bar. She’s one of those people that nobody hates or even dislikes because she will bend over backwards for you.

I want to move on from this patch of our lives together. I just want to be in that place that we know we will live for years to come. I want to have stable jobs for both of us and being as stress free as possible. We are under so much stress right now… I can’t wait to get back to the days where the only thing we worry about is what in the world we are going to eat that night haha.

It’s time for our lives to start and I can’t wait. I’m too anxious for it to begin. Just the two of us against the world. Sounds perfect to me.


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