I Don’t Miss Having a Boss

My girlfriend works at a bar that her brother in law owns. Well, the manager has known her brother in law for 10+ years. It’s always a constant contest between them. He’s always trying to prove that he knows everything and that he’s more valuable than she is. All she’s trying to prove is that she knows how to run the bar. She’s also labeled as a manager/bartender just like he is. He gives me that bad women’s intuition feeling. Since day one that I met him I have refused to be alone with this man.

Everytime my girlfriend works at the bar the other manager always stays for hours. He acts like she’s incompetent. She normally starts her shift at 6pm, like today he stayed until 9:30. I just don’t understand. The owner, her brother in law, can look at th security cameras off his phone at any time. It’s not like she works at a place that is all cash or anything like that so that it’d be “easy” to cheat the system or whatever.

Stuff like this makes me so glad that I don’t have a boss because I don’t have to deal with extra stress because of a boss figure. The only person I have to answer to is myself. Having a job like mine just means that you have to be able to be accountable if you aren’t making money. You can’t blame the traffic or the customers being grumpy. With my job, I have to be able to get into my potential clients heads and reach them that way.

Considering im not good with people, this is definitely the job for me lol. There’s nobody I have to deal with that isn’t a client or myself. If that appeals to you, you know where to go if you read my posts regularly.


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