Family drama is the worst…

Alright, I’m gonna put something out there right now, I’m a lesbian. My dad’s side of the family doesn’t talk to me because of  that. The worst part is, my grandfather on that side of the family, his time on earth is going to expire soon. The other half of the reason why they don’t talk to me is because of my ex.

My dad sent me a text one day that he had bought me 2 plane tickets to go see his parents. Being in a relationship, guess who I took with me, my girlfriend. First time they met any of my girlfriends. Well, before that certain trip out there, I became a smoker. Apparently that was a huge deal although they never said anything to me about it. The crazy part of it all, that trip was over 2 years ago.

Back in October I had started emailing my grandmother because that’s when my grandfather got really sick. There were 5 emails total that were exchanged. The last email I sent her was in November. I never got a response. In the emails, I was trying to establish a new relationship with her because I don’t see her once a year anymore when I was on break for school. I was trying to be open about how I’m gay. I wanted her to ask questions and to try to understand that this is who I am, I’m not just trying to rebel or whatever. She would never respond to anything about it. She would only send me emails about all the horrific details of my grandfathers condition.

That part of my family who has cut me out, were my favorite people in the whole world. Then out of nowhere, they all stopped replying to emails and dodging phone calls.

Whats interesting is that when that part of my family stopped talking to me, my other grandmother moved out here and now my uncle on my moms side is moving out here. As soon as family cut me out, my other family came to my rescue without even realizing it.


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