Types of Advertising to NEVER Forget

Online Traffic

How much do you advertise? How good are those advertisements? You need to utilize every asset you have. SOCIAL MEDIA is key for advertising. Think about how much people are on social media sites. Now think about how many people could see YOUR advertisement if only you used it and used it smartly.

  1. Facebook
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. Google
  6. Email

Just these examples can show you how much you might be missing if you don’t advertise on social media. Two weeks ago I even put an ad out on Facebook that just ended a couple days ago and it only cost me $50. Over 4,000 people saw my ad in that short amount of time. Do NOT forget about social media.

Offline Traffic

Don’t forget how powerful offline traffic can be. There are so many different kinds! When you are an advertiser you want to be able to reach as many people in your targeted audience as possible. So why not make sure you are trying every source you can without sacrificing the quality of your ads?

  1. Magazines
  2. Radio
  3. TV
  4. Flyers
  5. Direct Mail

Just make sure your ads for offline traffic aren’t laser targeted for a specific kind of audience that you may not even be advertising to. Always make sure with offline that you make your audience semi-broad so that everyone who sees it can understand what you are selling and how it can relate to them.


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